little charges for another month. Jerusha leaned forward nose in the air is Julia, and the little one with the hair blowing

Exact date unknown

really and truly. I'm not the least bit of trouble in the house. With a mind,

I don't believe there's any bridging that gulf!

Very miscellaneous weather we're having of late. It was raining at twelve o'clock. Rural delivery is a blessing to the farmers!

He detests letter-writing and does not wish you to become a burden.

all the cushions behind me on the couch, and light the brass student

Sallie has red hair and a turn-up nose and is quite friendly;

It was about the necessity of overlooking mistakes in others,

it's just a LINE to say that I'm going to write a letter pretty soon

big leather arm chairs in the Trustees' room, and that afternoon

Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,

and she: